Sunrise Divers - Monday, 24 September 2007

Rental Diving Equipment

We are in the process of servicing all our rental equipment. We do a full service on all gear every year and perform regular maintenance throughout the year at our dive center. We like to ensure that our customers have trouble-free diving with top quality, well serviced equipment. We have more than 25 full sets of equipment, with wetsuits to fit the small to the tall and fins for everyone from ballet dancers to the invisible snowman. We invest heavily in our equipment because we believe that good equipment is an important part of happy diving.

One whole floor of our dive center is devoted to equipment. We keep the area spotless and all gear is carefully washed after every use. Mouthpieces on regulators are changed often, we add new neoprene masks straps on our masks every year and often buy new masks, snorkels and fins to replace old gear.

If you dive with us and need rental gear you can be sure of getting quality rental equipment. And best of all - we charge just 500 Baht per day for a full set (BCD, regulator with octopus, shorty wetsuit, fins, mask and snorkel).

Hope to see you here diving in Thailand soon!