Sunrise Divers - Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Dive Thailand - More ways to Contact Sunrise Divers

We do admit to having a very nice web site and we do like you to spend time browsing and gathering information. In fact our site has so much information and handy features like our Liveaboard Search, that other dive companies sometimes use our site too!

All that info, all those dive trips to choose from.. we can help you make sense of it all. We want you to contact us! We are always here to help (unless we are sleeping, of course.. North Americans take note - New York is 12 hours behind Thailand, California is 15 hours behind - so if you call us at 2pm your time we are not going to pick up the phone!)

NEW! We have a new mobile hotline for bookings and information. We will keep this mobile turned on during "waking hours" - not 24 hours, but on average from 7am - 9pm every day. Our dive center is open 9am - 6pm at the moment, so the mobile gives you more time to contact us, and we do like to chat :)

Mobile Hotline: 08 4626 4646
Dive Center: 076 398 040

(International calls add 66 and remove the first zero, but you know that...)

LIVE CHAT! Well, a mobile is pretty live, but we also have SKYPE and WINDOWS LIVE MESSENGER on the computer at our dive center, so you can chat online.

Live Chat: sunrisedivers
Live Chat: Messenger

If all else fails, there is always "good old" email - just drop us a line and we will try to answer you within 1 working day.


Finally, if you just want to read our web site and contact us when you arrive, live and in person at our dive shop, please see the links below...

Sunrise Divers Web Links

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We hope to hear from you soon!