Sunrise Divers - Friday, 15 June 2007

Komodo Liveaboards - Diving and Dragons

A few years ago, the Mermaid 1 liveaboard started heading for Bali in the summer months looking for somewhere to dive while the Andaman Sea had it's low season. Bali is the start point for several liveaboard cruises heading for Komodo, land of the Komodo Dragons. Some other boats base themselves out of the island of Flores, just to the east of Komodo.

Sunrise Divers followed the Mermaid 1 down to Bali, and in 2005 Gilbert made a 6 day/ 7 night trip from Bali to Komodo and back. While in Bali, Gilbert checked out other liveaboards, looking for comfortable boats that offered year round diving in the area (since the Mermaid 1 is only there from June - October).

We now have a good selection of boats for diving the Komodo area with cruises ranging in length from 4 nights up to 11 nights. The Mermaid 1 just did her first trip of the year and reported seeing 20 mantas on 1 dive, rare Hippocampus denise (pygmy seahorses), dolphins, sharks in good numbers, loads of fish of all sizes, all the "usual" critters, 6 Komodo Dragons in the park and dragons on the beach in Rinca! Naturally the guests were all very happy.

The trips are very popular - Mermaid 1 is full on many trips already for 2007, but we have the 2008 schedule on line - now is the time to book! In addition, next year the Mermaid II will join her sister for a couple of months in Bali, so you'll have 2 Mermaids to choose from!

We have just added the Komodo Dancer liveaboard to our web site - the Komodo Dancer is part of the well known Peter Hughes Dancer fleet, offering top quality service and year round diving in Komodo.

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