Sunrise Divers - Friday, 15 June 2007

Introducing the MV Giamani - Thailand and Burma liveaboard cruises

At Sunrise Divers we always keep our finger on the pulse of scuba diving in Thailand. And as liveaboard specialists we keep our eyes open for new boats that offer high standards and represent good value for money. There are a lot of liveaboards out there. Our job is to select the best to offer our customers. New liveaboard boats appear just about every year. This year we are happy to announce the arrival of the MV Giamani.

Run by the same team as the well known Colona 6, the MV Giamani promises excellent standards of service and has a schedule to suit divers looking for more than just a short 3 - 4 day trip. There are many 6 and 9 day trips covering the Similan Islands, Richelieu Rock and Burma.

Giamani will take up to 16 divers, although it is likely that the maximum will be more like 12 on most trips. Four of the deluxe cabins can be booked as double or triple share, so we imagine most of the time the cabins will be booked by couples or buddy teams rather than triples. It would be ideal for 3 friends or a couple with a junior diver child to share a triple.

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